Are you helping a loved one do things that they used to do for themselves? Helping someone else manage their health can happen slowly or suddenly, causing disruptions and unexpected pressures for you both. Balancing meeting their needs and yours can be tough, without sufficient support and resources.

Caring for the health and well-being of a loved one, whether they are young or old, is a tremendous responsibility and when it involves caring for an elder or someone with disabilities, though the responsibilities may begin slowly, they rarely lessen.

This is why care-giving is like running a challenging marathon, of an unknown length, on an unpredictable course. As with any tough and important job, it can help to learn more and to talk with someone who is experienced and knowledgeable about the course and the road ahead. I was once a caregiver and now, as a care-giving adviser, provide  support and strategies for the challenges that you are facing.

I can help you:

  • Assess and address current needs- for each person in the picture
  • Review and strengthen support systems
  • Find the best resources for you and your loved one
  • Develop an effective structure for the marathon of care-giving: a plan that includes room for the health and well-being of each of you.

The truth is that everyone (caregivers and non-caregivers) can use more support and helpful strategies. And rest assured that when you receive more support, it will help the loved ones depending on you.

Introductory Complimentary Session

I am happy to offer an initial complimentary 1/2 hour phone consultation. I value what you do and want to support you. Please consider accepting this gift of a free half hour of caring and experienced support which will include some solutions to consider to provide some ease and a lift to your perspective. To schedule your free half-hour appointment, click here or use the Book Me button on the upper right corner of this page to connect with my appointment calendar, which has the heading “Intuition Matters”. My appointment times are generally 1pm-7pm, Pacific Time.


For full-length advising, I offer  individual phone or Skype sessions, for one hour or an hour and a half. I also offer monthly packages that include unlimited email contact and support.  The fee for an hour session is $75, and an hour and a half session is $110. A monthly package of 2 hours of phone advising with unlimited email support is $250.  To schedule your appointment, click here or use the Book Me button on the upper right corner of this page to connect with my appointment calendar, which has the heading “Intuition Matters”.

I am going to close with a story.

When my aunt Marge was in a nursing home, I would visit her, and one night, I stayed and slept in a chair by her side.
Throughout the night, she would periodically touch my leg and look at me meaningfully; at this point in her life, there were not many words. Before I would go back to resting, I would lean over and reassure her that I loved her and was going to stay nearby.
The next day, when I told a staff member about her behavior she said, “Oh, I wish that you had said something earlier; that was how she was conveying that she was in pain and needed something”. Though I did not know that was what was happening that night, I do know that I loved her as well as I was able.Indeed, though there are many joys with caring for another this is one of the struggles, we are human.  Within this truth, please take a moment to appreciate that you are making the effort to be there for someone and that there is always beauty in caring.

Thank you for doing this important work.
All best wishes, Debbie