At the drive-through… wait, how did I get here?

Sometimes, it might not be obvious how much care-giving you have started doing, until some wear and tear shows up in another part of your life. Perhaps some poor health habits have returned, as you struggle to just get through your day. Or you notice you are irritated from not getting the rest you need.

Please take a few seconds and take a gentle breath, in and out. And then one more gentle breath and perhaps release a sigh that you notice. Good. You have just given yourself a pause that refreshes, a good saying for this moment, and an old soda pop slogan but one which applies here better! Take a pause, whenever you are on the way to somewhere you do not really want to go. And if, after the pause, you start driving to the gym, great. But where ever you go, and whatever you do, a pause will help, because you just gave yourself a little room to breathe.

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