Clarity tool – charting

Each of us has found systems that help us organize our thoughts and make sense of what to do next. Here is one of my favorites. As I listen to a client share their list of concerns and tasks, the first thing I do is create a Sunburst Chart for clarity.

To create your Sunburst chart, draw a circle in the center of a blank page of paper and then draw rays out from that circle. Place your subject/project/issue in the center of that circle and on the rays, jot down the tasks/concerns/goals/questions that you have around this subject. Add as many rays as you need, making sure there is a mention of any concerns you have on the subject.With this chart design, you are free to not think (yet) about priorities; the idea is to view the whole situation in a new way.

After you have created your chart, take a breath. As you know, you have a lot on your plate and now you are seeing it all. These are things that you are thoughtful about and take seriously.

By jotting down all these things on your mind, some good things can happen. Keeping track of all this in your head can mean you worry about forgetting something important on the list. Now, with the act of setting down every aspect of the issue, you have given yourself a breather from that particular worry.

Secondly, just seeing all that you are tracking in one place will allow you to have more compassion for yourself. You are tracking a lot of priorities and tasks. If you saw another person’s list looking like this one, wouldn’t offering kind understanding come to mind? And when we add more compassion, we are often able to think more clearly and creatively, and make more satisfying decisions.

Thirdly, this chart allows you to view the situation from a distance: see both the forest and the trees. With this new perspective, often new solutions, options, and ways to streamline will be revealed.

And most importantly, this new view can help you see, more clearly, what on your list really matters to you. Everything has equal weight on this chart and this helps amplify the quieter voices. Often the most important things have the quietest voices. Claiming again what is most important to you will help you make stronger choices, with more confidence and security.

Would you like support with clarifying your priorities? I would like to  help; I offer a free, introductory 1/2 hour consultation and will email you the chart that we create. To schedule, here is the appointments page: Appointments  And thank you for the caring that you are bringing into the world. I wish you all the best.

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